How do I enroll my child in the Des Moines Public School District?

Welcome to 管家婆精选二肖二码! New families should call the Enrollment Center to enroll their new student at 515-242-7371. The district requests that new students have a physical examination and current immunizations prior to the first day of school. Children entering kindergarten must be five years old on or before September 15. Children entering first grade must be six years old on or before September 15. Visit the Enrollment & Registration page for more information.

What does 管家婆精选二肖二码 offer for Preschool and day care?

There are several early childhood programs throughout the district. Please visit the web site for more information. The district offers Metro Kids Care for K-5 students at many elementary schools. Click here to learn more about Metro Kids.

What opportunities will my child have at 管家婆精选二肖二码?

管家婆精选二肖二码 offers more educational choices than any other school or district in the state of Iowa. The district has a wide variety of athletic, academic and fine arts programs for student involvement. Special academic programs are available for students from preschool age through twelfth grade. Please visit the Academics section for more information.

How many schools make up the District?

The Des Moines Public School District has 63 schools, including 38 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, 5 comprehensive high schools, and 10 schools that provide a range of specialized and alternative educational programs.

How do I find the school my child will attend at 管家婆精选二肖二码?

Use the district鈥檚 School Finder Map. Enter you address to learn which elementary, middle and high school will be in your student鈥檚 feeder pattern.

How do I contact my child鈥檚 school?

For the phone number, fax number, e-mail address and mailing address of your child鈥檚 school, please visit the Schools section.

Who are the members of the School Board?

The Des Moines School Board consists of seven members elected by the community. Find a list of the members of the School Board along with access to meeting times and agendas here.

How do I contact the School Board members?

School board members are available by phone, e-mail and at school board meetings. Contact information is listed on each member鈥檚 biography. Please visit School Board Members for a list of the members鈥 biographies.

A schedule of the school board meetings is available on the Board Meeting Schedule web page. If you wish to speak at a school board meeting, email to sign up.

When and where are the School Board meetings?

Typically, School board meetings are held in the multi-purpose room on the second floor of Central Campus (1800 Grand Avenue in Des Moines). The meetings are also aired on 管家婆精选二肖二码-TV. and the district’s YouTube channel.聽 A link to view virtual meetings is included in the Board鈥檚 agenda. For a schedule of School Board meetings, please visit the Board Meeting Schedule web page.

What is a textbook fee?

A 鈥渢extbook fee鈥 helps to defray the maintenance costs of the normal wear and tear of classroom sets of books. It also helps to cover other materials provided such as printed worksheets and workbooks, as well as some internet access fees related to curriculum-based websites. The textbook fee is tied to the household economic survey and may be fully waived or reduced to half based on the income range and number of people who live in the student鈥檚 home.

If my student doesn鈥檛 qualify for free bussing, can I pay for the school bus to pick them up?

管家婆精选二肖二码 does not accept payment for transporting students. However, after all buses have been assigned in October, the transportation department will consider provisional busing — buses do not add stops, but a student may be allowed to walk to the nearest stop and ride the bus if there are enough seats on the bus.

What time does school start and end?

High Schools: 8:15 AM 鈥 3:15 PM
Middle Schools (including Cowles and Ruby Van Meter): 8:30 AM 鈥 3:25 PM
Elementary Schools: 7:40 AM 鈥 2:35 PM

Why does the district have yearly online registration for current 管家婆精选二肖二码 students?

The district requires families to update their student鈥檚 registration information every summer to ensure we have the appropriate contact information, immunization records, parent preferences and more, updated for the new school year.

What is the difference between Within District Transfer and Open Enrollment?

Within District Transfer is a student moving from one 管家婆精选二肖二码 school to another 管家婆精选二肖二码 school. Open Enrollment indicates a student is enrolling into 管家婆精选二肖二码 (the district) from another school district or leaving 管家婆精选二肖二码 for another school district. Visit our Enrollment & Registration web site for more information.

How do I apply for a job at 管家婆精选二肖二码?

管家婆精选二肖二码 is one of central Iowa鈥檚 largest employers, offering competitive wages and great benefits, and was recently named one of America’s top mid-size employers by Forbes. The school district employs nearly 5,000 people, from educators to a wide variety of administrative and support positions. Career openings are posted on the district website at Jobs@管家婆精选二肖二码.