The seven members of the Des Moines School Board are elected to four-year terms at elections held on the second Tuesday in September in odd-numbered years.

The current chair of the Des Moines School Board is Jackie Norris, and the vice chair is Maria Alonzo-Diaz.

You can learn more about your representatives on the school board by clicking on their names to the right.

In addition to school board meetings, board members are also busy representing the school district’s interests at the local, state and national level. Board members and the school district work cooperatively with and the on various initiatives, and a member of the board serves on the Des Moines Parks & Recreation Board. The school board and district are also actively engaged with community organizations – such as and the – on a wide range of issues.

The Des Moines School Board is an active member of the , which represents Iowa’s largest school districts serving more than 40% of the state’s students, and the , which represents the 60 largest school districts in the nation.

Board of Directors
2100 Fleur Drive
Des Moines, IA 50321
Phone: 515-242-7713

NOTE:聽Individuals who write or email聽the school聽board should be aware that their correspondence聽may be subject to examination and copying by others pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 22 of the Code of Iowa.